jazzahead! 2018
April 23rd

I'm back home after performing at jazzahead! in Germany with Horse Orchestra as well a my new quartet. This is a piece from Horse Orchestra's performance:


Concerts spring 2018
March 22nd

Here is a list of my upcoming concerts this spring:

Shows Spring 2018.png


London Jazz News interview
March 14th

I talked to London Jazz News about the Four Seasons album and an upcoming tour in England.


Album of the year lists
December 18th

I am happy to announce that The Four Seasons has been nominated as one of 2017's best albums by various mediums:

Textura Magazine
Berlingske Tidende (in Danish)
Jazznyt.com (in Danish)


Bent Jædig Mindelegat
October 18, 2017

I am very honored to be awarded the Bent Jædig Mindelegat tonight at Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen.


Concerts in July
July 10, 2017

Here is a list of my concerts throughout July.
I hope to see you out there.


Interview on The Lake
July 05, 2017

During my recent solo tour of Japan I was interviewed by The Lake Radio about my concert in Tokyo. This is the programme which also contains some of the music I played. O, and it's in English, so everybody can hear it:

Listen on Soundcloud
Download as podcast


Reviews of The Four Seasons
June 06, 2017

Two blogs feature very generious reviews of my new album:

Jazznyt.com (in Danish):
Jeppe Zeebergs The Four Seasons er her ved halvårsevalueringen af jazz-2017 et godt bud på et album der holder længe og er at finde på mange af års-bedste listerne når året lukker ned og et nyt kan begynde.

Salt-Peanuts* (in Norwegian):
Det er ingen tvil om at Jeppe Zeeberg er en glimrende komponist og pianist. Faktisk er dette så bra gjort, at jeg nesten vil utrope han til et musikalsk geni.


NEW RELEASE: The Four Seasons
May 22, 2017

My new album is ripe for release.
The album is called The Four Seasons and tells one long story about time and change. It is out today on Barefoot Records and available on CD, LP, download and streaming.

NB: some of the streaming services are not running the album as of present, but they should be during the course of today.

Thank you to DJBFA and Dansk Skuespillerforbund for making this release possible.


Second single release
April 15, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen! Here is the second single from my upcoming album The Four Seasons (out May 22nd on Barefoot Records). Please share, and happy easter holidays!


Videos from Moondog 100 År
March 27, 2017

Last year I co-organized a festival celebrating that American composer Moondog would have turned 100 years old in 2016. Here’s a video from the first day of the festival, where we premiered one of Moondog’s compositions, which at the time had just been translated from braille. More videos and info here.


Video release
March 21, 2017

This is the first single from my new album The Four Seasons. The full album is out May 22nd on Barefoot Records. Enjoy and share!


Tour Announcement
March 02, 2017

Very excited to announce that I am going on a solo tour in April - May. One stop in Greece and various stops in various cities throughout Japan. Especially looking forward to playing at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo as part of the Opposite2007 programme.
Looking forward to not just sitting by my window at home.
The concerts are financed by KODA, Dansk Musikerforbund and JazzDanmark.

Best, イエペ・シーベア



3 days left!
February 13, 2017

You can still pre-order my upcoming release The Four Seasons (of which i am really really proud) via
this kickstarter campaign. The campaign is crucial to the release of the album, and it closes on thursday February 15! Here is a new video with a preview of the music.


Help financing my new album by pre-ordering it

January 18, 2017

My new album The Four Seasons will be out in May 2017. The album is by far my most ambitious to date, and I am really excited. But it won’t get made unless this Kickstarter campaign secures the production. If you pre-order a copy or make a small donation today, the release can be realised. The price of pre-ordering is the same as the final price of the album once released, so if you are considering to buy the album anyway you should do it now - especially as the album will not get made unless this Kickstarter secures the production!

The music still needs mixing and mastering, but this video will give you an idea of the style. I am really looking forward to sharing the music with you all!

Best, Jeppe


Dødens Garderobes Julealbum 2016
November 15, 2016

My trio Dødens Garderobe continues the tradition of releasing a musical christmas calendar to celebrate christmas.

Each day of December the we will release a christmas song, and each song will feature a guest musician from the Danish music scene. This year's calendar marks the 7th annivesary.

Dødens Garderobe sees the christmas calendar as a comminity project and an attempt to break down barriers between genres an musicians. An hommage to art and it’s ability to bring people together in a world that needs this more than ever.

Follow the calendar for free from December 1st through christmas day!

Sign up and get the calendar via email
Hear the music on Dødens Garderobe’s Facebook page
Hear all previous christmas calendars on SoundCloud



Horse Orchestra reviews
November 14, 2016

Here are a bunch of reviews of Horse Orchestra's recent activities. Two reviews of the new album Four Letter Word (in Danish and Norwegian) and some reviews of concerts (English and Danish)

. . . hele veien låter dette originalt, tradisjonelt, spennende og råtøft!  [ . . . ]  Å hildrande du, for ei tøff plate!!!

Four Letter Word on Salt-Peanuts* (Norwegian)
Four Letter Word on Jazznyt (Danish)
Concert in Bristol 10/27/16 (English)
Concert in Copenhagen 11/7/16 (Danish)


Barefoot Records' 10 year anniversary
November 04, 2016

My record label and musicians collective Barefoot Records is celebrating it's 10 year anniversary with a concert in JAZZHOUSE, Copenhagen on December 14. I you are in Copenhagen - please don't miss out! Read about the concert on JAZZHOUSE's website.

I am talking a bit (in Danish) about the label in this article from JAZZHOUSE's monthly magazine.



Horse Orchestra tour of England and Serbia
October 24, 2016

Horse Orchestra is touring in England and Serbia this week:

10/25 Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle
10/26 Hare & Hounds Kings Heath, Birmingham
10/27 Cube Microplex, Bristol
10/28 New River Studios (Match&Fuse), London
10/29 Beogradski Džez Festival, Belgrade
10/30 Internacionalni JazzFest, Kragujevac


Review of Moondog 100 År in Politiken
October 14, 2016

Thank you to everybody of visited our festival Moondog 100 År! Danish newspaper Politiken published a review of the festival today.



Moondog as a podcast
September 28, 2016

Tonight you can hear a special edition of the new Danish podcast Lyt Dybt in which I talk about my upcoming Moondog festival. You can listen live tonight at 8 PM at www.thelakeradio.com and later as a podcast on www.seismograf.org/lyt-dybt



Moondog on the radio
September 12, 2016

Anders Holst and I are talking a bit about our forthcoming festival Moondog 100 År in this radio show. Starting at 01:09:00. The interview is in Danish.


New single from Horse Orchestra
September 02, 2016

Here is a track from Horse Orchestra's new album Four Letter Word to be released on Barefoot Records on October 3rd. Enjoy!


Dada & Jazz Celebration
August 30, 2016

A month ago I premiered my piece Dada & Jazz Celebration at Copenhagen Jazz Festival. This is a video with excerpts from the performance. Read more about the project and see the full performance here.


Moondog Festival
August 25, 2016

Very excited about this. I am organizing (and playing at) the festival Moondog 100 År in Copenhagen on October 12-13. The festival is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the American avant-garde composer Moondog.  Facebook event here.



Horse Orchestra shows this autumn
August 22, 2016

Horse Orchestra is playing a bunch of festivals and venues this autumn. I made this poster so you can keep track. For more info go to horseorchestra.dk.



Horse Orchestra in DownBeat
July 16, 2016

DownBeat Magazine's Josef Woodard has made a few remarks about Horse Orchestra's recent endeavours at Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Read the whole article here.



NEW RELEASE: Laura Toxværd with Dødens Garderobe
July 11, 2016

My trio Dødens Garderobe is collaborating with Danish saxofonist Laura Toxværd on Compositions Part 2, the second of her two albums featuring graphically notated compositions. The album is out now on ILK Music and available on their website as well as on various streaming services.



Article on Moondog
July 06, 2016

I am currently working on organizing a 2-day festival in October celebrating the 100th anniversary of the American avant-garde composer Moondog. Leading up to the festival I have written an article for the Danish online magazine Passive/Aggressive. The article serves as a guide through Moondog's albums from 1949-1997.

Read the article (in Danish)



Modern Bicycles
June 26, 2016

Here is a teaser for my new piece, made in collaboration with Håkon Berre. Berre and Zeeberg's Modern Bicycles will be premiered at Copenhagen Jazz Festival on July 3rd at Christianshavns Beboerhus. Read more here.


Barefoot Records at Copenhagen Jazz Festival
June 20, 2016

Once again Barefoot Records are presenting a series of concerts all through Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Here you can see the poster. Please go to barefoot-records.com for more info.